Madison Aquatic Center


Opening and Closing Dates:
The Madison Aquatics Center will open Sunday, June 1st. The pool will be closed for the season on Saturday, August 23rd.

Pool Hours: (605) 256-7530
Monday - Sunday:  1:00pm - 8:00 pm (15 minutes safety break at 3:00 and 6:00 pm).

Season Swim Passes
Season Swim Pass provides access to the Madison Outdoor Aquatic Center. Summer passes to the Community Center and Madison Outdoor Aquatic Center are available; please refer to page 7. Qualifying families are eligible for a reduced season swim pass; please contact Carol Shaver 256-7548 for more information.

Family passes include legal guardians and dependents residing in the same household. Residents living within the Madison city limits are eligible for the resident rates

  • Family – Resident $99.00
  • Family – Non-Resident $139.00
  • Individual – Resident $59.00
  • Individual – Non Resident $89.00

Please note: Through the “DUAL SWIM PASS” Community Center members are offered a $50 discount on family and $20 on an individual season swim passes. (Tax included in fees)

Daily Swim Passes
Daily swim passes provide access to the Madison Outdoor Aquatic center. Daily fees apply to anyone entering the aquatic center; regardless of usage. An observation area is located on the east side of the aquatics facility for guests wishing to observe. Special group rates are available ($1 discount) for non-profits or parties renting Thue Shelter. Group rates must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance, by calling the Aquatics Coordinator at 256-7548.

  • Individual daily swim pass $4
  • Infant (12 months or younger) $1
  • Daily Admission Punch Card (10 visits) $30

Season Swim Pass Information
Family season swim pass, includes any member(s) and their legal children who live under the same household or is claimed as dependent including college students. Day Care providers and babysitters may NOT be listed on family season swim pass application; they must have their own swim pass. If you have out of town visitors staying with you, they may not use your season swim pass. Punch Cards are available for those visiting for an extended time, call the Aquatics Department (256-7530) for information..

Front Desk Operations:
Checks will be accepted at the front desk, for amount of purchase only. Credit and Check cards will be accepted. Children will be allowed to use the phone at the front desk ONLY to call their parents – they will not be allowed to call friends. Phone calls will be limited to one minute. The front desk will not page anyone.

Hot Summer Nights
The Madison Aquatics Center will stay open until 10 pm on nights when the temperature stays at 90 degrees or above and no storms are predicted past 8pm (pending staff availability). Hot summer nights will be announced on KJAM radio or call the Madison Aquatic Center 256-7530. Come and enjoy a night under the lights when the temperature stays 90!

Dual Swim Partnership
In the spirit of cooperation the Madison Outdoor Aquatic Center and the Community Center are pleased to announce the use of a dual swim pass, which allows residents access to a pool regardless of weather. Those who have an active Community Center membership receive a $50 discount on family and $20 discount on individual season swim passes.

Families and individuals who have a season swim pass to the Madison Outdoor Aquatic Center (but don’t hold a Community Center membership) are eligible to access the Community Center aquatics area at no cost on days the Outdoor Aquatic Center closes or doesn’t open due to inclement weather (this doesn’t include access to other areas of The Community Center).

In order to be eligible for the family dual swim pass discount everyone on the family season swim pass application must have an active Community Center Membership.  To be eligible for the individual dual swim pass discount the applicant must be an active memeber.

Note: Community Center pool hours will be observed on days the Outdoor Aquatics Facility closes early or doesn’t open.

WIBITS (Inflatable Pool Toys)
We will be offering the Wibits again this summer on weekday nights 6-8 pm. Everyone adult and kids alike can enjoy these inflatable pool toys. Must be able to swim in 5 ft.

Concessions Area
The Madison Aquatic Center features a concession area offering hot dogs, ice cream, nachos, cold drinks, and much more. All food and drink must stay within the concessions area. No outside food or drink is allowed; except for birthday party rentals.

Weather Related Closing:
The Madison Aquatic Center will follow the guidelines of the National Weather Service. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, we will clear the pool immediately. The pool will be closed for 20 minutes and remain closed until 20 minutes has elapsed from the last sight of lighting or sound of thunder. All patrons will be asked to wait in their vehicles, or in the lobby of the pool building away from windows – the deck will be cleared and no patrons will be allowed in the locker rooms. If the aquatic center closes the Community Center indoor pool will open 20 minutes after the official closure

Birthday Party Pads
Looking for a great way to spend your child’s birthday? Spend it with us and your party will be a huge hit. When you book your party with us, you will receive: Admission to the water park for 12 people, two pizzas, 12 beverages and a private party pad, with tables and chairs. Birthday cake may be brought into the facility.

  • Birthday Party Pad Rental is $65.00 up to 3 hours
  • Each additional person over maximum of twelve is $3.00